What is YTV Clone anyway?

YTV Clone is a simple app which duplicates (clones) Chrome browser windows and creates Picture in Picture (PIP) browsers. This app is compatible with all Windows versions, does not use Windows resources and does not load your CPU. This version only works with Google Chrome browser.

YTV Clone is particularly suited for:


·       watching multiple Internet TV channels on a PC at once using Internet TV apps like Google YouTube TV

·       watching multiple Internet TV channels on a TV by connecting your PC to TV using HDMI cable or a WIFI PC to TV streaming devices like Google Chromecast

·       creating Picture in Picture videos which allows you to share your computer screen between your work and your favorite video shows


YTV Clone is designed to work particularly with Google YouTube TV streaming app ( but any other Internet TV streaming app will work the same.

TV streaming apps usually require subscription and they’re not available everywhere, but you can use YTV Clone to clone any video played in the Chrome browser. Netflix, Amazon, ABC, BBC, KBPS, History and Science channels are just a few of the websites broadcasting video content which can be cloned.


How YTV Clone works


YTV Clone makes one or more PIP browsers which are miniature copies of the Chrome browser preserving the most important browser controls available as a right-click pop-up menu. The PIP browsers center around videos played in the browser and create cloned Picture in Picture videos.

Note: If you need to clone video windows only with no other browser or video artifacts around you can use our Video Clone Plus program. Visit our web page.


See below a few examples:



A football game streamed on an Internet TV channel is played full screen on PC while another TV show is cloned as a Picture in Picture video. Transparency can be added to the PIP video.



Four TV sports channels are cloned and casted to TV using an HDMI cable. A wireless mouse is used to control the audio of each PIP window 30 feet away from the broadcasting PC.



Two TV soccer channels are cloned and placed on the side of the computer screen. The browser window is automatically scaled to fit the left-over space on the screen.



(For those with money and memory to burn…) Six TV sports channels are cloned to fit a 4K computer or TV screen.

Video tutorials

See video tutorials in the User Guide.

Great things you can do with YTV Clone

·       Watch two or more TV shows simultaneously (a feature your TV set does not provide)

·       Turn off your regular TV and watch your favorite TV shows on your computer with Picture in Picture capability (another feature that your TV set does not provide)

·       Use your computer screen for doing your work while watching TV or video shows on the same screen.




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