WM AUDIO User Guide



System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, Vista (Mac OK with Bootcamp or Parallels installed) . This version does not support Windows XP.



WM Audio is a "speaker" sound recorder which means it captures what you hear in your computer speakers.





How to make a simple one click audio recording (no setup required)


         Open WM Audio

         Begin playing audio in your PC

         Click Record on WM Audio to begin recording



How to playback a recording


To playback the last recorded audio click Play on WM Audio.


To open the storage folder, click Options/Settings on WM Audio then click Open storage folder.



How to setup the storage folder


To setup the storage folder, click Options/Settings on WM Audio then click Setup storage folder.



Saving Internet audio shows using stream URL


In order to record an Internet audio show you need to know the URL (Internet address) of the audio stream. Usually this URL is not the same as the website URL and is not available. You can use a software programs like WM Recorder to capture stream URL's by monitoring the network traffic.



Recording and converting audio formats


WM Audio records using the default WAV format of your computer. The default audio format can be found under Playback devices/Properties/Advanced. To see this right click the speaker icon on your taskbar. Most of Windows 7/8 computers are setup to output a format with a sample rate of 48000 Hz / 16 bit. The recorded file size is proportional to the sample rate and for 48000 samples per second is about 10 MB/min. Higher sample rates will produce larger files. Converting to MP3, AAC (MP4) or WMA usually reduces the file size by a factor of 10.


Recorded WAV files are automatically converted to the selected format when recording is finished. To select a conversion format click Settings then click Convert.





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